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TeleMetriX Lighting Management System gives you comprehensive information about your lighting network and allows you to:
• Remotely control your streetlights to reduce energy consumption or to address citizen complaints
• Immediately detect lighting issues, such as day burners and damaged fixtures, and remotely diagnose issues to avoid unnecessary truck rolls
• Accurately track asset information about the lighting network, its location, to inform repair crews and reduce truck rolls
TeleMetriX Lighting Management System is made up of the following major components:
• Intelligent Lighting Controller Gateways – The control devices are installed at each transformer station to monitor, control and log all the critical parameters of the streetlight connected to it.
• Gateways – These devices enable bidirectional communication between the streetlights and TeleMetriX, the system’s central management software. They are used to send control commands to the streetlights and to collect data on the health of the lighting network.
• TeleMetriX – Eclipse’s central management software enables real-time, remote monitoring and management of streetlights. It provides users with the tools to control and operate streetlights using the Eclipse controllers, check the health of the system’s controllers and gateways. Multi-language is supported.

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TeleMetriX Lighting Management System enhances streetlight networks by giving cities and utilities to remote control over the streetlights. This capability translates into the following significant benefits for citizens, cities and utilities.

  • TeleMetriX Lighting Management System improves the lighting service level in cities through:
    • Fewer Complaint Calls – Allows for proactive repairs of lighting failures
    • Faster Response to Lighting Issues – Eliminates day burners and reduce the time that lights are out of service.
    • More Accurate Energy Bills for Utility Customers – Control switch on and off capabilities and up to date asset information, including location, helps utilities better serve cities and bill accurately.
    • More Effective Emergency Responders – Remote control can provide emergencies with improved lighting.
  • TeleMetriX Lighting Management System reduces the maintenance and repair costs associated with the streetlight network by %70-20 through:
  • Eliminated Truck Rolls for Repairs and Health-Check Patrols – Remote monitoring and detailed information about the state of the
    lighting assets allows cities and utilities to detect, diagnose and solve problems without having to send out a crew.
  • Fewer Truck Rolls Per Repair – Accurate asset information allows you to put the right equipment on the right truck, send it to the right
    location and enables “one trip” repairs for both unplanned and required maintenance.
  • Fewer Citizen Complaints – Cities can eliminate %80 or more of lighting-related citizen complaints with proactive detection and
    repair of streetlight issues.
  • TeleMetriX Lighting Management System allows cities to reduce energy usage an additional %30-20 over the energy savings from fixtures alone by:
  • Quickly identifying and eliminating “day-burners”
  • Billing based on real usage by using the metering capability on the controllers

TeleMetriX Lighting Management System includes a comprehensive reporting system that allows cities to easily track and report on the performance of the lighting network, including:

• Baseline Power Measurement of Existing Lights – Allows you to easily report energy savings to town administrators.
• Automated Energy Reports – Convenient reports that can show post-acceptance performance on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis.

TeleMetriX Lighting Management System improves public safety by faster, proactive response to lighting issues, which deters crime and improves
safety for drivers, pedestrians and bikers.