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Telemetrix Gateway

TeleMetriX Gateway enables errorfree and undisrupted communication of the central server with the site in case the cellular grid is used. The advantages of TeleMetriX Gateway are as follows:

  • Full GSM/GPRS/EDGE operator support,

  • Static and dinamic IP communication support,

  • Transparent communication support of TCP/IP Server and Client modes,

  • Local data reading according to OBIS code structure and transmission to the central server,

  • Taking GSM calls without disconnecting from GPRS and data transfer capability over GSM (required due to service provider problems or congestion related GPRS problems),

  • Remote configuration through serial port, GSM connection, GPRS connection or SMS,

  • Seperate password access and full security for data transmission and remote configuration,

  • Online remote management of port parameters while reading,

  • Reading devices that use different communication parameters by a single terminal,

  • Remote fast and secure firmware and software update,

  • Usage with any type of meter, analyser and relay at any field of energy sector thanks to integrated GSM/GPRS TCP/IP Stack and interfaces such as RS232, RS485, GPIO, Pulse Counter etc.,

  • Unbroken connection through hardware watchdog against hardware and firmware crashes.

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