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Reactive Energy Monitoring

Reactive Energy Observer is a warning system to monitor reactive energy developed for energy consumers that are penalized for exceeding reactive energy limits and mistaken compensation systems. Reactive energy does not contribute as energy, on the contrary it overloads the power grids and decreases efficiency. In case reactive energy is overconsumed, the consumer is penalized in the utility bills for the portion of the reactive energy that is not of use. Reactive energy leads to financial loss in your enterprise. Enterprises look for a solution against this problem through compensation.

What is missing in compensation is that energy consumption values are recorded in power meters and that energy invoices are prepared based on that. Hence enterprises are informed of this consumption only at the end of the invoicing periods through the invoices they receive.

Against the deviations in an incorrect compensation system, Observer brings absolute solution. As it is monitoring active and reactive energy consumption over power meters within specific time intervals, in case reactive energy consumption is close to the established limits, it warns the relevant people through SMS and e-mail. It is possible to configure reactive power relays remotely through Observer Reactive. This feature is developed for utility services. This feature revokes the need to commute distances to do immediate adjustments to avoid reactive penalties.

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