data center observing - Data center monitoring

Data center monitoring

For a healthy data center, room conditions like temperature and humidity should be monitored and in case they are not within standard ranges, corrective actions should be taken. Environmental conditions that are not ideal causes the hardwares in data centers to error out. Hence there is a need to a system that continuously monitors data center environmental conditions. It is not only sufficient to monitor these conditions. Ideally the system monitoring the data center should swicth on extra air conditions and send E-mail or SMS alarms to the authorized personel. Thus the technical failure that causes the alarm can be detected real-time and effective measures can be taken on time.

Through Data Center Observer following parameters can remotely be monitored and immediate actions can be taken;

Door contact
Voltage Instability
Through Observer it is also possible to monitor disorders and failures of network infrastructure. Integrated with ActiveXperts it monitors LAN- and WAN servers, work-stations and IP devices from many perspective. The objective here is to detect problems and failures automatically and to increase server and application reliability by taking corrective actions. The application brings control at various points: CPU, Discs, DNS, Event Logs, MS Exchange, Files and Directories, FTP areas, HTTP/HTTPS, IMAP4, Memory usage, MS SQL, NNTP, Novell NDS, NTDS (NT4 DS), NTP, ODBC, Oracle, Printers, Processes, SMTP/POP3, SNMP, TCP/UDP ports, Users/groups, UNIX Codes(RSH), VBScript, WMI.

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