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Noise Monitoring

Observer supports a better environment by supporting environmental noise measurement practices. Observer Noise consists of 3 modules: 1. Noise Measurement Devices: It stores the environmental noise data by measuring in decibels. Observer can measure environmental noise by two different device classes:

  • Class 2 Device: Measures in the range of 1000 ± 125 Hz. Its accuracy range is ±3 dB.
  • Class 1 Device: Measures from 31.5 Hz to 16000 Hz more sensitively at 8 main frequencies. Its accuracy range is ±2 dB and hence more than Type2. For more information

2. Communication Terminals: Collecting the data on-site environmental noise measurement devices, it transmits the data to the central server over GPRS connection to be stored and analyzed via reports. Furthermore it evaluates the noise data on-site and sends an alarm SMS and/or e-mail if the alarm treshold is exceeded. 3. Central Server: The data stored in he central server database can be retrieved by the users by a web browser. Alarms can be screened. Following are possible through Noise Observer:

  • Noise data collected from noise measurement stations are transmitted to center in decibels after being analysed by GPRS and EDGE telemetry devices.
  • Data can be monitored on mobile phones, main servers and internet.
  • When the decibel limits are exceeded, the authorized inspectors are alerted by sending SMSes to their mobile phones.
  • Through reporting tools the historical noise data can be evaluated statistically and success graphic can be viewed in desired time intervals.
  • The location of stations where the system is set-up can be changed.
  • The system brought environmental efforts to a higher dimension by utilizing recyclable energy resources like solar energy.

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