enviromental monitoring - Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

We complain about the cold, when it’s winter and complain about the heat, when it’s summer. We complain about getting soaked when it rains and complain about road blockages when it snows. We look forward to rain and snow after a few days of drought. We are never happy from mother nature. We always complain… Have ever questioned if it is only the human-kind that complains about cold and heat.This dissatisfaction is not only specific to man-kind.

Beyond dissatisfaction, there are a lot of sectors that suffer from financial losses due to sudden changes in temperature, humidity and pressure. Being unaware of these changes at the moment causes even more loss.For example, in nutrition sector, products in fridges and nutrition tanks can be damaged due to undesirable changes in temperature. In agriculture sector, temperature and humidity values in fields and corn silos are important.Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Observer enables you to follow real-time all such parameters. It enables you to analyze historical values and alarms you by instant SMS’s. It is also optionally possible to follow smoke, vibration, light.

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