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Meter reading in the past could only be done on site by the meters and recording the index values, whereas meter reading reached to a much more advanced stage thanks to today’s technology. Changing market conditions led to new requirements and compulsory processes and practices. To decrease and optimize energy costs, energy management based on accurate data played an important role. Applications that can detect loss and leak simultaneously and read meter data automatically and error-free have been an important component of energy management.

TeleMetriX is an automated meter reading and energy data management system developed to meet application requirements of energy sector. TeleMetriX, eliminates the need to go by the meter to read it.

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Data collected are recorded permanently and can be analysed in tabular and graphical format through out-of-the-box tools. Reporting can be done by both the reporting tools that can be installed on desktops and the intranet or internet using the web browsers. The reports can be exported in standard formats like XML, CSV, TIFF, PDF, Excel, HMTL etc.

This function that addresses energy generation companies is based on the comparison of their generation volume and the consumption volume of the companies that they supply, control of generation-consumption volume and determination of generation surplus or deficit. This analysis is performed by using the data stored synchronously in the load profiles of the generation and consumption power meters.

Our solution addresses energy generation companies, organized industrial zones and distribution companies supplying energy to consumers. Subscribers, measurement points and contracts can be managed in the invoicing module, the basis data for invoicing can be transferred to other business systems and invoices can directly be printed from our system.

This function that addresses transmission and distribution companies, is based on comparing the energy that runs into a grid and runs out of the grid and analysis of load profiles of the measurement points and total consumption data. Financial loss can be prevented by determining the possible loss and leak points.

Stored blackout/tamper cases in the event logs of meters is read by TeleMetriX Reading Module. Early detection of such situations carry an important role to prevent financial losses.

As the data collected from measurement devices are synchronous, the applcation has better performance and more reliable results. Synchronous reading of meters, especially reading load profiles, does not ensure that the data stored are synchronous. Hence especially when the number of measurement points is considered, it is necessary to determine synchronicity problems and automatically correct time synchronization problems. TeleMetriX, determines this problem and synchronizes time.

This module notifies the reactive energy risk with SMS and E-mail, when the compensation panel goes out of order due to various reasons. It checks the relay operation against the meter. It enables to remotely control voltage, current transformer ratio, target power factor, condanstor activation and deactivation times etc. It also enables the activation and deactivation of condansators from a web browser.

It enables to validate all data that comes from the site. The module queries raw data collected in the database. The raw data goes through some predefined tests. In case the data passes these tests, they are recorded in the database as validated data. If the data cannot go through anyone of these tests it is recorded in the error log and the module processes the error accordingly.