3G Java Modem ECL-EHS5

/3G Java Modem ECL-EHS5
cellular modem ecl ehs5 3g 2 - 3G Java Modem ECL-EHS5

3G Java Modem

ECL-EHS5 is developed for machine-to-machine (M2M) and industrial IOT solutions, communicating over cellular telecommunication network for reading, monitoring and controlling functions.
It is supplied in rugged, flame retardant IP54, tamper-proof casing with DIN rail.

Can be used for many solutions with the help of integrated JavaTM Application Platform, 10MB RAM and 13MB flash support where proprietary applications can be developed. Builds a transparent communication platform between field devices via serial ports and remote servers or applications over 2G and 3G.

The theoretical limit to one RS485 port connection of a terminal is up to 255 field devices in a distance of 1,2 km.

Different types of data input can be processed through JAVA platform applications via serial port connections on field devices, digital inputs/outputs and optional sensors.

With the over the air (OTA) protocol, application software and firmware can be updated remotely. Updates, upgrades and troubleshooting can be done remotely without the need to go to the field.
It has integrated hardware watchdog feature which protects the device against hardware and firmware crashes.

Real-time clock feature can be used for timestamp applications.

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• Size : 98 x 101 x 60 mm

• Weight : ~300 gram

• Sealable Terminal Cover

• -40 … +85°C operating temperature

• 100 … 240 VAC or 9 VDC—48 VDC

• 6 KV Impact Resistance

• Dual Band UMTS (WCDMA/FDD) 900/2100 Mhz (EU) 850/1900 Mhz (US)

• Dual Band GSM 900/1800 Mhz (EU) 850/1900 Mhz (US)

• GPRS/EDGE Class 12 HSDPA Cat.6-8

• 7.2 Mbps DL, 5.76 Mbps UL (HSDPA, HSUPA) 237 kbps DL, 237 kbps UL (EDGE Class 12) 85.6 kbps DL, 237 kbps UL (GPRS Class 12)

• CSD 9.6 kbps V.110

• SMA Antenna Connector

• Easy use push-n-eject SIM card connector

• Dual SIM and Embedded SIM Support (optional)

• Fully compatible with all GSM operators

• RLS Monitoring (Jamming Detection)

• 1 x RS485 Interface

• 1 x RS232 or RS485 Interface (Optional)

• 300bps – 460kbps communication speed

• 7E1, 7O1, 8N1, 8E1, 8O1 frame

• RS485 Automatic Data Direction Control

• 2 x 250 VAC 2A Relay Output (NC/NO/Shared)

• 3 x Dry Contact Input (Standart)

• 3 x Additional Dry Contact Input (Optional only for models without RS232 port)

• ARM Microprocessor

• Real Time Clock (RTC)

• Built in Flash Memory

• Hardware Watchdog

• 2G/3G LED Status Indicator

• Multi SIM support, supports both M2M SIM and Regular SIM

• Integrated TCP/IP Stack, UDP/TCP/DNS/Ping/HTTP/FTP support

• Can send alerts to central server by the help of supercapacitor in case of power cut-off (Optional)

• Java™ ME 3.2

• Secure data transmission with HTTPS/SSL

• JAVA OTAP Remote Application Updates

• Java applications for AMI solutions

• Push/Pull/Poll communication

• Configuration via Serial Cable, 2G/3G, CSD or SMS

• Firmware update over 2G/3G

• Ability to restrict IP / Port / Phone numbers

• Trasparent communication / gateway

• Direct meter reading and transmit meter data to server/central software

• IEC1107 Mod C automatic speed change

• ID and password authentication

• Detailed event log and troubleshooting

• TCP/IP Server and Client Mode

• Saving readout data on flash memory and prevent data loss

• Server or GSM network based time synchronization